On April 01, 2020,Cambodian Natural Gas Corp., Ltd. (CNGC) has conducted LNG equipment installation in Cambodia ’s largest international garden community, center of Phnom Penh city, One Park.

At the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of new coronavirus in various countries has disrupted the development plan of CNGC, the senior technical personnel invited were not available to be in place as time planned, and this pandemic has soon spread in Cambodia. In order to cope, CNGC has adjusted its plan to ensure the safety of employees by using remote video, online guidance and other methods to steadily advance the project. This important moment finally marked the start in the early April 2020. There was no inauguration, no fresh flowers and applause, only the shed of everyone’s sweat under the sun light. It’s not necessarily to be vigorous, but every step is always with solid strength. As a comprehensive community with international quality standards, One Park chose not only LNG, which is safer than LPG, but also the best services of CNGC. From the beginning of the project, CNGC demands itself with high standards that exceed the actual condition. From site selection, scheme design, equipment selection, off-site debugging etc., several times of repeated adjustments and verifications, CNGC has come up with a set of executable plans that meet the requirements of customers hereafter.

During the installation of the main equipment natural gas of One Park project, various practical difficulties test the capacity of the CNGC. The passage allows only one car to pass, which on one side less than 0.5 meter away is a fence and high-voltage wires, and on the other side less than 1 meter away is the facade of the equipment installation building. In turn, the main equipment of the project was successfully installed in the designated location.

From obtaining the exclusive government license to the installation of natural gas equipment for One Park project, how has CNGC come this far? Although, there is no precedent to follow, no corresponding regulations as guidance, and no mature workers, CNGC still has made every step out of difficulties. These challenges do not prevent the CNGC from introducing the world ’s recognized high-quality fossil energy, natural gas to Cambodia. Without precedents, CNGC is the pioneer. Without regulations, CNGC itself set up an enterprise standard according to international standards. Without specialists, CNGC has trained its own operation team. For those who are not involved cannot be aware the effort and perseverance of CNGC.
From 2018, with the vision of taking root in Cambodia, serving Cambodia, and Creating Cambodia’s Quality Life, CNGC has begun to train local employees from theoretical knowledge, and invited senior technicians from internationally renowned companies to carry out practical operations and step-by-step guidance. So far, CNGC has its own standardized operation team. Everything starts from nothing to something, from unfamiliarity to understanding from understanding to proficiency, in order to achieve the company's values of Safety, Service, Reliability, all employees of the CNGC have firmly and silently scarified.
One Park natural gas supplying project is only the beginning of CNGC’s civil natural gas supply plan. As the international business community will focus more on Cambodia, there will be more and more residential areas, complexes, factories, logistics parks, special economic zones. Natural gas is not only be used as fuel in residential areas, car and ship engines, industrial kilns, etc., but also plays a main role in power generation and steam production. CNGC will make a great effort to provide reliable natural gas services for various types of customers.

CNGC is already on the way!

Wish for the betterment of Cambodia!

Wish CNGC a bright future!